About Thrill is Gone

Welcome to the Thrill is Gone Podcast: A podcast about old thrillers. I’m your host Keenan Duffey.

This is a book-club podcast where we will dig in on old thrillers. We will try to avoid the greatest hits, though not the greatest authors. You’ll find episodes about Le Carre, Highsmith, Conrad, Greene and others maybe you haven’t heard of. I’ll discuss the roles each book played in the careers of each author, highlight outstanding writing in each thriller, and try to make sense of each book’s public reception.

This podcast will get better with more participation. Go to the Get in Touch tab or find me on social media to see our schedule. Read along, send me your questions and comments, post pictures of you reading our books, and listen each week for the latest Thrill is Gone podcast.

So feel free to read along, or just listen. See you out in those pages.